Caring for Your Customers

At Credit Management, we understand the impact bad debt can have on local businesses. We strive to minimize this impact while maintaining the integrity of our clients with their customers and preserving their reputation in the community. Credit Management has created a process that compels consumers to pay in full more quickly. We research and qualify the person’s ability to pay: we do not harass or call people at inappropriate times threatening them and asking for small payments.

Our Account Associates come from all backgrounds with different experiences and often develop new traits and skills on the job. Often they are quick-thinking, goal-oriented, problem-solvers and effective communicators. Tact, persistence and an understanding of people’s motivations are necessary traits for a successful Account Associate.

Credit Management Account Associates learn quickly that consumers come from all walks of life. In fact, many people with debt are people like you and me who happened to be unable to pay bills for a time for one reason or another.


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